Excavation - Major Grading or Resloping in Edmonton, AB

If your home has an improper slope, it could lead to serious foundation issues for your home and create difficult to maintain areas. Unfortunately resloping a lawn tends to be pricey and the price range depends on factors such as soil quality, yard size and erosion control.

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Published: 02/18/2020
Yardi landscaping has provided excellent service on our lawn for the past two years. They also built us a full deck in 2019. We are quite pleased with their performance and attention to detail.
Published: 05/20/2020
Troy and his guys with APS Landscaping recently completed a backyard reno for me. This included re-grading the backyard, installing a brick patio, planting new trees, building a shed base and laying sod. I’m very happy with their work and...
Published: 08/27/2019
Troy and his crew started our work project several days early and completed on time. He always brought a full crew and compliment of equipment each day to complete the required tasks. Troy was the person who quoted the...