Simply put in point form: - appeared professional - team that came to the house to do the roof were punctual - they stripped the old shingles but never did any patch work nor did they even suggest that it was necessary - they shingled over plywood that had holes bigger than 2 feet all around. The roofing nails had nothing to bite in to. - after realizing this we contacted them and were given the runaround with false hopes of some sort of reimbursement. THE BEST PART?!? One of the owners was in his truck at least half of the day with the AC on and window down on his phone in front of the house not even checking to see what his team was doing. It cost us over an ADDITIONAL $4,000 to make any and all repairs that could have been addressed at the time when Xtreme Contracting was on site to do the work once.

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Hi mitch what's your address I've reached out and you haven't got back to me.