My wife and I move to Calgary last June from the states and she wanted help in furnishing our new home in West Hillhurst. the shopping experience and the sales hlep (Sharon) were all up to par. The problems started after we ordered the furniture and made a large down payment - we were told the order would take 3 months (we placed order 3/1/11). By mid July the first delivery came but only included a rug, two tables, and two leather chairs; the sofa and love seat were not ready. The leather charis were damaged in the truck and had to be returned to the store. More waiting. When we iquired about the repair and when the rest of the order would come in we had difficulty getting anyone to talk to us or provide any sense of when things would be resolved. The leather chairs were delivered again in mid August but were still damaged and a tech came to our hosue and actually removed leather panels and tried to repair them in our house. I would guess they are 95% of what we would expect from a brand new chair but are worried how those panels will wear overtime. Trying to get Sam Eisenberg to speak to us or getting our sales person Sharon or anyone else was next to impossilbe. Then the sofa was delivered with a rip in the fabric; this after waiting 5 months. The sofa was delivered today August 25th and the wooden legs are scratched. My wife is trying to make a partial payment such that they would have approx. 98% of their money with 2% left to ensure the repairment will come out to repair the legs -- yet the movers are threatening her that if she does not pay in full, the will take the couch back with them. It's a standoff in our living room with a crying baby and I am at work. They also would not take a partial paymetn my check. So my wife paid them to get them out of our house. This is what $30,000 gets you at Eienbergs'. Shop elsewhere and avoid the horrendous service, damaged furntiture, unreturned phone calls, etc. etc. We will furnish the rest of our home elsewhere. Tom and Tasha

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