After two years we have yet to have our project completed. OWWD was initially excellent to deal with, however, this quickly took a downturn when it came time to install our windows and doors. After two rounds of door orders, we still do not have what we ordered, we are missing parts and the solution to fix a mistake with our garage windows was left partially complete. For the past two years I have heard nothing but excuses, blaming the door manufacturer, and taking absolutely zero responsibility to correct the situation. Every week I would receive "updates" saying that an appointment would be scheduled only to hear back that there was a delay. The latest episode was installing grills on our garage windows - the guys showed up and did not have enough material to complete the job (which shouldn't have been necessary had the correct windows been delivered in the first place) and quite surprising given that measurements could have been taken prior to arrival to ensure they had what they needed. The job was partially completed and we have one window half covered in grills - they never returned to reschedule once the weather warmed. I now understand why - OWWD has changed names - how convenient. Our front door seal also lets in a significant draft in the winter and I had asked to have it dealt with, but they were "waiting until they came to complete outstanding work" so we spent the whole winter dealing with this. They care more about what is convenient for them than righting a wrong. Dealing with them is an exercise in frustration and infuriating. @Rick and Shauna - you NEVER emailed me or called to deal with us as customers with an outstanding work order. It has been two years since we placed our order, monthly emails and numerous phone calls. You state on other reviews that people should contact you, however, your phone number is out of service, there are no email addresses to contact you, so how would you like people to get in touch with you exactly??? On a final note, how does your conscience let you sleep at night? Great sales pitch, poor follow-through and if anything goes wrong, zero customer service.

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