The repair was to damaged bricks and a cracked concrete slab which formed the front porch. In about 15 months the crack on the slab was worse than ever. Prior to that I chased Mr Browne for months before he came back to replace parging that did not survive the winter after the repair. the parging did not last. The bricks are okay but I will have to have the slab repoured. Peter Crosby M4E 2P9

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Company Response

As happens with some customers, they prefer to get a patch job done as opposed to, in this case 're-pouring' the entire slab. There are disadvantages of doing this kind of repair. This was explained to you, Peter, before we proceeded with the job. This is why we only guarantee the patching of the slab for one year. I would have received a call from you if we had agreed otherwise. It did not take 2 months for us to come back. It took 3 weeks. I apologized for the delay and you were ok with this. Regards, Michael.