We approached Mac when we first thought about renovating our house, and their approach from the beginning was impressive and service oriented. We visited some of their current projects and were pleased with the quality of their work and their obvious good relationships with their clients. Blaise, and then our Project Manager, Derek Breen, helped us understand their process and looked for creative ways to solve the problems we wanted to address. Although we focused mostly on building a functional and beautiful kitchen that would overlook our back garden, their ideas and expertise led us to make numerous improvements throughout our house. We are very happy with the result. We moved out of the house for three months while they worked on it, and they returned us back to our house exactly on time. Throughout the many decisions we had to make during the project, Derek was an invaluable guide and problem solver. Overall, it was a pain-free and even enjoyable renovation, and we would highly recommend Mac to anyone.

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