This is the worst company in my opinion they don't know how to build a quality home. I had a leak at the front of my house from the first day I took possession discovered the next day when it started raining. It took them forever to even diagnose the issue because they kept sending a jack of all trades guy until I got frustrated. They would always say it was this and that and they never fixed until one day .. it turned out to be that they forgot to put the weep behind the bricks. The sad thing is now the problem is back and they say it out of warranty. I guess they did a HACK fix which is not warrantable. I have had other builders fix issues even 10 years after i owned my previous home but they were a reputable builder. This builder is only good at making promises but after they take you money forget it. I would never buy or recommend this builder to anyone. I have also come across other home owners with this builder and they had the same opinion so I am not alone. Its disgusting that they allow this builder to build inferior product with no consequences. BUYER BE WARE!!!

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