We employed Mr. Dagenais to inspect our home before we purchased it in 2015 and we have been very disappointed and dissatisfied with the quality of the service provided. We believe we paid too much for our home and had we been made aware of all of the issues we would have negotiated a lower price. There were a number of issues that were missed in the inspection report. Since moving into our home we have had an insurance claim that resulted from poorly installed flashings on the roof that could be seen from the street by a professional and another insurance claim caused by a missing cap on the sewer drain line which now leaves us with higher insurance payments. Further, when we moved in there was a natural gas stove improperly installed in the basement. The vent was not installed to code and could have resulted in a dangerous situation. Lucky for us we found out before we used it and removed the appliance. It is our opinion that these major issues should have been noted in the house inspection report. These are only a few of the problems that did not appear in the report. We continue to worry about issues that have not yet been discovered. Sadly, we can not recommend Mr. Dagenais as a house inspector.

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