We needed tree removal services for a Toronto property for construction purposes that was on a boundary shared with a neighbour. We already obtained permits before hand after many bureaucratic delays! The tree was a White Spruce about 50cm in diameter and close to fencing and property. Mr Tree Man (James the president of the company) was very prompt with giving quotes and responding to questions through email. Replies often came within 15 minutes, day or night, which is unbelievable and excellent compared to the City of Toronto handling our paperwork! And this was right after a windstorm in the GTA causing issues for many people. They managed to find time to squeeze me in despite it not being emergency services. About 3 workers came with tools and wood chipper to down what I think was an over 70ft tall tree within 6 hours of work, safely and efficiently. Tree limbs and debris were cleared, and both our and neighbour properties are pretty much unscathed. Payment was easy-peasy and painless (cash, cheque, or e-transfer. I used e-transfer). Would recommend them to anyone. As an added note, they contract out stump removal services, so that will be extra.

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Thank you! I'm glad we could get this done for you quickly. I use an independent stump grinder (also a fireman) for all of my stumps as he would charge less than us to do them, he's incredibly reliable and as it's time consuming , we can get to more clients like yourself. We appreciate your business and kind review!