The team there seem great and very responsive to begin with. I'm in the process of getting new engineered hardwood floors for my townhouse. It's been a long process with decision making, and of course the Covid reality of our world makes things more difficult. I've been working with two individuals on their sales team (I wont name names, as they know exactly who they are). I was also seeking other quotes from a couple other flooring companies, which any normal person would do and is standard practice. The thing was, it came down to Edgemont Floors and 1 other shop, and most importantly a manufacturers rebate, which the manufacturer said didnt apply to Edgemont so I selected the other company. I've been courteous and honest throughout the quote/communication process so I thought I was being diligent and respectful when I advised them yesterday that I have chosen the other company. To my surprise and dismay, I recieved a rather rude response back basically telling me that I was wrong about the rebate and implied that I pretty much wasted their time requesting multiple quotes over the duration of my decision making process. Then they had the nerve to end the email with "look forward to working with you in the future". Well, Edgemont Flooring, I'm in the sales industry and this is not how you respond to a potential client, no matter if it's a yes or a no to moving forward. This is how you lose future business. I've got other properties that will need new flooring in the future and as a result of this entitled attitude that I received, I will never deal with Edgemont and I will never recommend them. Honestly I was really impressed with their service and responsiveness until I told them I decided on another company. They were on my top 2, but never again. A respectful/courteous, "thank you for considering Edgemont Floors and giving us the opportunity for quotes and please contact us in the future if you need anything else" would have been fantastic and I wouldve kept Edgemont high on my list of options for the future. But clearly they need to work a bit on their customer service.

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We discovered mold behind our tub tiles, so needed a full demo and rebuild of our master bathroom tub surround walls. We chose Jorian after getting quite a few quotes. He's an all-around professional who was always on time, efficient, and tidy. We also decided to upgrade our tile flooring with matching herringbone tiles. Jorian was well-priced and the calibre of work was impressive. We'll definitely consider Micom with any future renos. Thanks again Jorian!

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Company Response

thank you so much for your nice feedback. it was a pleasure working for you both. great tile choices and a big change from the old and damaged tiles. I am glad you are happy with the work micom tileworks provided. enjoy the new bathroom.