I purchased a camera security system and I had it installed by a Reilly tech. Two weeks after the install one of the cameras stopped working. I made an appointment to have the camera replaced and they tried to bill me for the replacement even though it was still under a 30 day warranty. When the Reilly tech replaced the camera he drilled an additional hole in our house and then left the old hole wide open. He did not even bother to fill the hole. You cannot leave a hole in someone's house. There was no need to drill a second hole. The new camera should have gone directly over the existing hole. The video recorder is very frustrating to use. If you do not login to the recorder after 3 months it resets your password and locks you out. The only way to unlock it is to book an appointment for a Reilly Tech to visit your home which costs money. This company does not stand behind the products they sell. Very poor customer service.

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