My wife and I put in a pool in 1999 with pools for home. This company was and still is phenomenal. to deal with. Marc promised my wife and myself a great backyard and he definately delivered on that. I would like potential customers to know that our pool as of today is still in mint condition. Our patterened concret still to this day has NO cracks in it and looks awesome. We will be putting a new liner in next year because after 12 years it is time. I will only be calling Marc to do this for us because I know it will be done right. Over the twelve years that we have had our pool, any time we had an issue, I would call Marc and his service wae awesome. Just this past weekend we had an issue with one of our valves by the pool equipment leaking because of age. I called and left Marc a message and asked if he could swing by this week and fix it for us. He was there the next day. If you want a pool that will be built to last with excellent after service, I would call Pools for Home. If we ever move Marc would be the guy putting in our next pool. I can honestly say that and we have had this pool for twelve years. Steve and Caroline V in Oakville

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