I purchased a NEW Samsung fridge from Sears September 16, 2017. The fridge was a floor model clearout labeled 2015 model year. We put the fridge into storage until we moved into the new house in late November. I brought out the fridge, Plug it in, and it doesn't work. So I contact Samsung to find out that the fridge was originally sold June 30 of 2014, and no longer has warranty left on it. No biggie if I provide a sales reciept they will honour it. Still a little ticked to find out the fridge is a 2013! But whatever. So the receipt turns out to say I purchased an Electrolux fridge not Samsung. I only figured this out after asking Sears customer service reps to look up my receipt and have them tell me repeatedly to call Electrolux. Sears customer service will not do anything. They will not give me a name to contact, they will not offer a hand. They only say sorry that sounds like it sucks but we can't help you. Samsung obviously does not want to provide warranty for fridge that has been off warranty for years, and I can't prove I purchased this fridge. Also the sears branch I purchased from has shut down. So in conclusion, I do have the fridge I looked at however it is 2013, no warranty, does not work, and I have a receipt for a FPBS227RFA Electrolux Refrigerator that I never looked at.

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