My parents' verandah was in very poor shape. Support posts had sunk and started leaning. The roof was detaching from the home and leaning to one side. Rob rebuilt two support posts, fixed the third, rebuilt the verandah, added wooden stairs and railings and fixed the brickwork on the front of the house. My parents and I were impressed with Rob's skills and experience. My mother said that "he measured, he measured again, he measured a third time and then cut. Everything fit perfectly. My father, who is never happy, said "I could drive a tank on this verandah it is so solid" Absolutely recommend Carmor Construction.

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Company Response

Thanks Marek for the lovely review but the truth is I have seldom worked for nicer people than your parents. The home made carrot cake and coffee where great and your Dad just expects to be treated fairly.
Give your parents my best.
Regards Rob Morrell