I had heard about CS and was invited to a dinner. Went with my partner and were impressed by the food and the way it was cooked in front of us. We registered with a $500 deposit on our card and 12 postdated checks. For the $500 we received - one large pot and a kettle. We thought it was not enough but we believed in the product. The name of the rep was Sofia, General Manager. After that she cashed 3 of the postdated checks, for a total of $800 dollars. We tried to contact her without any luck. They did seem a little pushy and her comment was that they were getting married and were leaving on a honeymoon. I did try to get in touch with Montreal with no answer and having had 2 skull fractures - tried to stay away from problems. Every night we use the kettle and we talked about this issue and I decided to approach you. I do hope that I get some response from CS as they have a magnificent product. Below I enclosed some copies of the transaction. Thanks and I await for your response. My address 603 Glengrove Avenue, North York, Ontario M6B2H7 Hope this meets your requirements. Thanks for your guidance and sorry for the delay

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