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Read this and you judge.. I contacted SOS Caulking to give a quote on redoing the caulking around the windows and doors and doors at the back of my house. Eric came to review what needed to be done and to give the quote. The quote was high ($1500 for 9 windows and one door) but I wanted to move forward so I accepted the quote and we scheduled the work. The crew came while I was away and did the work... sort of. There are three distinct colours of caulking required for the job, as outlined in the signed agreement - white, beige and sandle grey. The workers however installed the beige where both the beige and sandle grey was to go - this is painfully obvious by looking. When I returned and inspected the job I obviously noticed this, and so called Eric to ask that the job be corrected as per the contract. He said sure no problem and scheduled the repairs for a specific day (we have dogs out the back so we need to schedule and plan accordingly). I arranged to work from home to accommodate the repairs. No one came, and no one called. So I called Eric to inquire, but he didn't answer or respond - 7 calls across 4 days all with messages left - no response. A week later he responded - no apology, no explanations. In the meantime, 3 days AFTER my complaints were received, he cashed the second check I had given him up front as final payment for the job. He again arranged for his crew to come and fix the job - again I arranged to work from home and again no one showed, and no one called. I called to follow-up and again Eric is not answering calls - after all, he cashed the cheque and has his money. Beware of this company!

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I was very disappointed with the quality of the work for the price I paid. Recently the owner and project manager of Empire Deck and Fence came to visit me in an effort to try and resolve a number of outstanding issues. The plan was for them to come back in the spring and make spring and do additional repairs to the original job. I look forward to the future repairs and a satisfactory completion of the contract. I'll further edit this post in the spring once the work is done. It is spring and they came back and fixed up the essential repairs as they had promised last fall. I appreciate this and certainly feel a bit better that they honored their warranty. Thanks for that.

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Company Response

Hi Mark,

When we met to settle your remaining amount owed and provided you with a discount, it was made clear that we could have done a better job for you and wanted to compensate you accordingly. Your satisfaction with our agreement makes your review confusing, to say the least. You have painted a very inaccurate picture of our firm.

To the reader, we work hard to make our customers happy. We do so by hiring the best and paying them very well. This is evident when browsing through our portfolio and reading our positive reviews. We are grateful to Homestars for creating a credible platform for our clients to express their gratitude for our service and work quality.

We are also honoured to be winners of the Homestars 2018 award and look forward to working with you if provided the opportunity.

Thank you,

Empire Team


I have used Watson Electrical for many small jobs in my home over the years. Their work is always of exceptional quality and provided with very friendly service - I recommend them all the time.

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Company Response

Thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure working with you.
Watson Electrical