Service was careless and surly, from a misquote early on ($120 instead of $1200), to a pruner who arrived apparently without any instructions and asked me 'what I wanted pruned' (even though I'd been visited by a supposed arborist who had diagnosed my tree at great length). Bizarrely, the pruner-guy - perhaps at a low point in his career - told me that the pruning was basically harm the tree, that it was like an "amputation". I phoned the company immediately, and received a patronizing and somewhat scolding response from Kevin and an offer of a site visit so that he could tell me the job had been done perfectly. At these prices I expect far more courteous and considerate service from someone who is coming into my home. The tree does indeed look amputated and is not faring any better, although perhaps these things take time.

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Company Response

Em Bee

It is regrettable you feel your experience was below standard. Our team discussed your perspective at great length and how we might prevent such a negative customer experience in the future.

To review; the crew leader noted as "surely" called you to apologize and offer to make amends as per my instruction. I called you 3 times throughout 2017. The first time we spoke directly, the remaining two I left voicemail messages. Each and every time I invited you to commission a peer review of our work to determine if there was a gap in performance. This invitation was to have the review performed at my expense.

Many months later, I wish for you to know that I would still willingly pay for, and be submitted to a peer review of the work prescribed and performed on your Siberian Elm tree.I am confident that a qualified Arborist of your choice would provide you with the assurance of a quality job, which we ourselves were unable to effectively convey to you.