Vic Fences is an amazing company, I highly recommend! They are truly dedicated to providing the best for their clients, and this shows in their work 100%. (See pictures below) My summer 2017 was dedicated towards giving my home a facelift. Of all the people I have hired this summer, Vic Fences have been the most humble, down to earth and professional people I have dealt with.

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Ecocor Construction is not a trustworthy company. They force their client's to post good reviews on social media and on before the work is 100% completed. The owners of this company promise that they will complete a basement renovation in 3 weeks, which is also not the case. My basement renovation started on July 11th. It is now September 10th and … - The floor is bubbling in areas - Hanger rods in the closet have not been secured properly - Top shelf in the closet is not secured to the wall properly (loose to the touch - The paint on the wall looks patchy (walls were clearly not sanded down properly) - The tile's on our wet bar have not been installed properly ○ Tiles are chipped in places ○ Tiles have not been cut properly to fit over counter space - it extends about .5in beyond counter ○ There is a gap were the tiles should meet under the cabinets - The handles on the cabinets were installed crooked - No transition strip on the floor between enclosed rooms - The electrical work was done incorrectly, one of the lights remain on all the time, there is no working switch associated with it ○ I had previously questioned why that light was not turned on, the owner of the business advised that the bulb needed to be changed - The light in the shower is just a regular pot light WITHOUT a waterproof casing around it The owner's of this company told everyone in my family not to go downstairs. We were only allowed to see the basement while accompanied by the owner. However, one night we went down stairs at 4:00AM because we heard a loud noises. Turns out that their compressor was left plugged in which, caused the loud noises. That night we also noticed that the basement windows were left open, although we had asked them to ensure they are closed before they leave for the day. There have been other similar occasions where myself or a family member would go downstairs and would find things like … - Coffee spilled next to the electrical panel - Paint cans left open - Tools left everywhere and unsecured - Fruit and other foods and drinks left on the floor Overall, the contract initially looks attractive as its stipulates that they will only work from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 7:00AM to 7:00PM, and if they are to go over the completion date (mine was August 15th) they are "to pay the homeowner $50 a day" until its completed. In actual fact … - No one ever showed up as early as 7:00AM and they absolutely, always stayed at least until 10:00PM - There were always contractors and workers in our basement on Sundays - We have yet to receive the $50 a day since August 15th The owners tactic is to make you feel bad for him so that you will be more flexible with timing and days worked. The owner will keep throwing in small free bee's here and there and offer to complete other things around your house to make you feel like he's done more than what he was supposed to do. However, in actual fact, his work is horrible and literally expects you to consider all of these extra things, so that you will compromise on the outcome of the original work that needs to be done. The last we heard from the owner is that he was going on vacation for 1 week. He had promised that his business partner will complete our basement during his absence. His business partner never showed up. So far I have … - Called and left voicemails - Attempted to text the owner - Reached out to the owner through the Ecocor Instagram (direct messaging) - Commented on his posts on Instagram to say that we are waiting for him to call … I have yet to receive a response Now, I am out about $45k and am purchasing materials to fix Ecocor Construction's work.

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Company Response

We are sorry to hear about your experince, most of your list that you detailed in your review ie. backsplash, staircase varnish etc. was not part of the contract and it's states clearly in the contract if you hire one of our subtrademen on the side we will not be responsible. I understand they gave you a cheaper quote than us but with us you would have not got the quality you got from them. but feel free to contact us and we could give you a new quote to repair there faulty work.

regarding electrical you could order a ESA certification through ESA to ensure that there was a permit and everything passed

Thank you