I purchased 2 pairs of Derek table lamps about 2 months ago. Unpacked the first box shortly after picking them up and the lamps were beautiful - exactly what I expected. Just unpacked the second box. The first lamp I took out was in perfect condition but the “horns” on the second lamp were broken. Called Ashley and was told that their policy was any complaints must be made within 72 hours of product pickup and there is nothing they can do for me. This is a ridiculous policy. The lamp was still in the original box and the box wasn’t opened until we were ready to use the lamps. But the representative wouldn’t budge and made me feel stupid for not opening and inspecting the lamps right away. I will never purchase from Ashley again.

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I have dealt with this company for many years and have always received friendle, knowledgeable and courteous service. I continue to use them for testing pool water and for pool supplies.

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