I have hired this company 2 times within the last few years.. I have heard many horror stories with moving companies but this company has never failed me! They confirm the appointment and show up on time. The fee ia exactly as agreed upon prior to them showing up. The lead mover is a jigsaw puzzle solver. He managed to fit a 4 bedroom house into a storage container. Will definently recommend them to others and will use them again in the future.

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I will update the rating once the work is finished. We recently hired Anthony after receiving a lot of quotes. We hired him because he was friendly and because they agreed to provide me with certain criteria that i was looking for including a 6" slab for the driveway and proper rebar in all the concrete. When it was time to pour the driveway slab, I showed up (as we do not live at the house) and measured. The slab form was between 3-4inches (after the gravel was in place). After discussing with them i agreed to let it go but asked that they put more rebar to help with the cracks. If there is something specific you are looking for make sure to let them know and to reiterate it and monitor it. The rebar and the slab size may not have been required but this is what we asked and agreed on so they should have done it. Anyways they did the job and it looks good but we will see what happens after 1 year or parking a car on it. I will update you once some time has passed. One other item was the control joints on the retaining wall. It is required that control joints be placed on retaining walls just like slabs to help guide the cracks to a joint otherwise you will have cracks all over the wall. I had asked them to put control joints on the face of the retaining wall and at the top but i guess Anthony did not understand. He agreed to do it but when he went back he only put the control joint on the top of the wall and not down the face. Luckily i held onto some money because i had a feeling it would not get done. Right now it has been 4 days since they left and have not returned. I will update this post once they return to finish the job but i have a feeling it will not get done as he is now out of Country?! They are a nice group of guys and they get the job done but I would be very specific if you know what you want and make sure they understand your expectations.

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