We had an estimate done in January for work to be done in the Spring (2016). Custom kitchen counters, new double sink and faucet, one cupboard door and two large drawers. All to be professionally installed. The hold up was the new cupboard door. It was ordered in the wrong size and we had to chase our contact at the shop. He never returned phone calls we always had to go through our sales rep. to get answers. In the end we were pleased with the end result but were surprised when reading the maintenance of the counters. "strong enough to drop a bowling ball but no lemon, vinegar or any citrus might damage" and when we questioned the company about this they never responded.

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Bought this vacuum 2 years ago from home outfitters. I have a love hate with this vacuum. The Dyson DC 72 stick is a very powerful yet light vacuum. It's great on stairs and carperts . My only complaint with it is emptying the canister. I do it outside because it can lift some dust if not careful. On one occasion I had to call the company directly (Dyson) and got great customer service. Good product.

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Very satisfied customer. In June 2017 we had Cash and Carry Carpet install hardwood in 3 bedrooms and remove squeaks from under the hallway carpet. The job took a little longer than anticipated but it was done right. The team of Ali and Ahmed was very professional, polite and considerate of our invasion. They never quit before the job was done right and to our satisfaction. We now have beautiful hardwood in all 3 bedrooms and zero squeaks under our hall carpet. The owner George is very hands on and made sure that we were satisfied with the work. Whenever there were little hiccups they were resolved in a very expedient manner. All around good experience dealing with Cash and Carry Carpet and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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