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Hired a contractor based on a reference from a co-worker of my husband's. In the beginning he showed up on time and seemed to be ok. But, a 2.5 week job took well over 6 weeks and we are still finishing up ourselves. Contract stated complete reno of both bathrooms, includind new fixtures and vanity's, walls and drywall and painting and all cleaning when job complete and removal of old. Instead what we got, was a contractor who didn't show up on time, left work unfinished for days, used personal towels and vacuum to clean up with. Left drywall dust and mess all over the house for days without returning. Did gluing of bathroom surround in living and dining room, moving furniture and not putting it back. Walking about house like he lived there, going into cupboards. Buying fixtures and assuming they were going in without speaking to us. Getting drywall mud throughout the house on carpets. Had to redo the tub surround twice and still not done properly, spaces,air pockets and not sealed correctly. Had another contractor come in to look after second attempt. Have had to repair. Left dirt and drywall and caulking all over new tub,sink,toilets,counter tops and new floors. Left paint on new counter tops and floors. Had wife of the house do sanding of drywall mud and cleaning then painting! Installed light fixture upside down and when pointed out said it looked better that way! Damaged one of the new cabinets and vanity. Broke priceless ornament & threw it out& denied it!

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