I needed to dispose of the rhino bag and the bagster, that they sold me at home depot, and when I called to arrange for the pick up they advised me that they no longer pick up the rhino bags and if they have to make the exception(on discretion of a manager) I would have to pay the full amount for both bags, which makes no sense when they advertise that you pay the full amount for the first and half price for the rest that you have that are being picked up at the same time and at the same address. I tried my best talk to a manager and couldn't as they were too bus to take my call.....these bags are a rip off I paid $40 for the bag and then additional to pick it up and just to be told....I need to pay full price for the first two since they were trying to get rid of the Rhino bags. I don't understand as to why, I, as the consumer, is being penalized when I was not the one whom changed the bag. I am fed up I could of just arranged for a bin and it would of been a lot easier. I will no longer use these bags, none the less are they being recommended by me.

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