We had a leak and found some mold in our basement, pulled back the carpet, pulled off the baseboards and removed all the visible mold to the best of our ability. We wanted to make sure that we got it all so we asked Julio to come and do an assessment including an air sample. He took the air sample and did a variety of other tests to assess the environment providing explanations along the way. The air sample came back positive with high levels of a particular type of mold. The report provided is very professional and thorough, and makes recommendations for remediation based on standards and guidelines set out by the applicable regulatory bodies. The report also cites these regulatory bodies making it a very powerful document if needed. We followed the recommendations and had the basement isolated with a barrier and then professionally cleaned. Afterwards, we had Julio come back to do a post cleaning assessment and take more air samples (one in the basement and one on the main floor) and they came back clean. Throughout this entire process Julio was patient with my high level of questioning and focus on details. He was able to answer all of my questions with enough information and explanation to satisfy my concerns, he is extremely knowledgeable and I found no inconsistencies and any of his responses. Overall, the experience was 100% positive and we are grateful to have available to us professionals like Julio and the other professionals that we found to do the cleaning.

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Hi Ian,

Thank you for the great review. We always strive to provide the best possible up to date information, customer service, and pricing to our clients.