Hired them to do windows and house wash, missed half the house, added $190, for new house scrape, which the never did, didn't do tracks or screens like they said, stay away from these guys they are bandits, owner hasn't got the guts to pick up the phone does it by email only, like I said BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

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Company Response

Before I begin my response, I would like to make a statement:
This customer is a bully and has made a review of our services into a personal attack on my character in multiple locations online. In 2017 this is not acceptable way to solve a dispute over bits of dirt reaming on siding or window tracks. I refused to deal with the customer over the phone for this exact reason. He clearly didn’t care to read any information about the services that he ordered prior to service and had expectations that were well beyond the service level that we provide. Our company provides easy to find, detailed information on exactly how we clean, how high our systems reach and what our guarantees are, which are in writing for everyone to see on our website, before they place an service order.
My response to his review:
The customer ordered a 2.5 storey House Wash and a Inside/Outside window pane cleaning with free screen cleaning and free basic track wipe downs. We arrived to a home approximately 3-3.5 stores tall (about 40-45ft high at the peaks). We specifically mentioned in our pre-appointment communication with the customer that our system reached up to 32ft, yet the customer chose to proceed. His home was one to 1 ½ stories larger than our pressure washing services is advertised for (We max out at 2.5 stories, aprox. 32ft high).
Spider Problems
We arrived and it was obvious that the home had a spider infestation problem even though it seems to be a brand-new home, there were several hundred spider webs covering the siding, soffit and window sills.
We power washed as much of the home as we could reach (Gutters to ground were reachable, any items higher than 2.5 stories were not) and got the majority of the spider webs loosened and removed, but do admit that some remained above our height limits as well as on the siding that we had power washed, no amount of water could remove the ones stuck to the siding where we could reach.
In follow-up communication we suggested to the client that the only way to completely remove that amount of spider damage was to have the entire surface of the home brushed down & scrubbed by hand, but that this was beyond our service level and not included in what we do for a regular maintenance house wash. The client wanted me to return and ‘fix’ the spider problem, which I could only assume meant to brush the siding down this was unfortunately not an option.
The windows were cleaned inside and out. No complaints about the shape of the glass have been made. Contrary to the review, approx. 40 screens were cleaned in the garage in an attempt to avoid the sawdust in the air from other projects outside our control happening in the back yard.
There were 20-25 interior panes which had a large amount of new construction debris on them (Silicone, concrete paint etc) which required scraping off with a razor blade. A process that adds significant extra time and small extra fee per pane to clean off ($2-6 per pane depending on the size and debris type). There were also 3 exterior window panes that required a scrape to remove construction mortar. This is a one-time fee for new homes, that is mentioned during our booking process when the customer selects the “This Is A New Construction Cleaning” option which for whatever reason, the customer did not select during their booking.
Follow Up Communication
The customer contacted us to let us know that they were not happy with the cleaning and that we had missed the garage door during the house wash. We acknowledged that the door was missed due to it being open for the entirety of the appointment, an honest mistake for which we offered a $50 service credit to compensate for the inconvenience.
We also informed the client about our streak free guarantee and would be happy to service credit him for any streaked windows that were found.
We also suggested further steps if he was looking to take care of the spider problem (Spray 3x per year, clean windows after spraying and brush the siding down by hand to remove the remaining webs).

In a second communication, he expressed that he was not happy with the track and screen cleaning as well. We informed him that tracks and screens only carry a ‘best we can do’ guarantee and that they were done to the best of our ability.
Usually we do not post prices as part of reviews, but this customer commented on them so we are happy to post publicly exactly what was charged.
House wash – 2.5 Storey - $399.99 (As quoted)
Window Cleaning (As quoted)
Interior: $189.99
Exterior: $189.99

New Construction Window Scrape (Additional Fee)
23 Panes x $4/pane = $92

Overall, we found this customer extremely difficult to work with from start to finish. We do our very best to stay professional at all times, but this customer made it very difficult to do so with the personal character attacks. Based on our experience, I would suggest that other service providers steer clear of this customer.
Ken - Owner