Our story has a moral to it. Don't wait until the movers leave to unwrap any breakables! And definitely don't wait as long as we did. We moved almost 2 years ago now. We used Tender Touch movers to move us and to store our household items for 3 months while our new house was being built. The movers keep their clients busy. We were asked to check off and itemize every box and tag them. We later found out that this works as clever ruse as the movers are able to place broken furniture in a corner surreptitiously. Before the movers left, we actually noticed the bottom of our wooden tv stand was broken. One of the movers took out a little tube of wood glue and tried unsuccessfully to fix it. My husband is handy and was able to repair it later. After the movers left, we discovered a broken leg on a small antique table, a cracked side table attachment on our BBQ and a handle broken on my husband's work table. Like I said, my husband is handy and we didn't bother complaining. We were too busy moving into our new home. One of the items we wrapped with care was an antique, gum wood and glass door. We bubble wrapped it and put cardboard around it. We instructed Tender Touch that this was to be handled with the utmost care as it had sentimental attachment. This was the door that was in the original home I grew up in. Had we not have had to store our household items for 3 months, we would have taken the door with us right away, as we did with smaller valuables. In hindsight, we should have left it with a friend or relative. We will be starting our basement renovation soon and had thought we would use the antique door for one of the rooms. We just unwrapped it today. We will always regret not unwrapping the door before the movers left. I tried to call Tender Touch but I was put on hold for so long I gave up. The only thing we can do now, after 2 years, is write our story and attach these pictures in the hope that we are able to spare at least one person from dealing with this company. Tender Touch should be called 'Toss and Smash’.

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Company Response

Hello Lorie,
Sorry to hear about your experience as this is the first I am hearing about such damages. Not sure if you contacted our office because we are well known for addressing any concerns the clients have. As for crew hiding damaged items, this is a first as they know our policy is to report items and not hide things as we have a repair guy that would come out. I honestly don't have a record of your move as it would be archived after 6 months and yes waiting 2 years seems long but I would have been happy to address any damages you had and I am happy to review them now if you wish to contact me directly
Thank you