We hired Ritson Tile to install the LVT flooring and our backsplash in our kitchen reno. They were very patient while we chose our tiles, and changed our minds more than once. Once we decided on our tile, it was completed on time and within budget. The backsplash was very difficult due to the style of the tile and our cabinets but the intstaller did a fantastic time and paid a lot of attention to every detail.

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Very disappointed with this company. We hired them to widen a doorway between the kitchen and diningroom and take out 2 bulkheads and repair the wall/ceiling as appropriate. Bert arrived quickly and gave us a quote and started the work on time as promised. It went downhill from there. - they tore out the bulkheads and tried to patch the ceiling with little bits of drywall instead of using an actual larger piece of drywall with the result that the ceiling was terribly and very noticeably uneven - ceiling was out over 1.5 inches in less than 3 feet on both sides where the bulkhead was taken out - they were to create a small bulkhead dividing the kitchen and dining room [approx. 7 inches] and screwed it up so they had to take it out and re-do it with the result that it is also noticeably uneven and now, 9 months later, the drywall tape is starting to peel off of the bulkhead - one of their guys went into our basement in order to access the ceiling and stood on our brick fireplace ledge and crumbled pieces off the brick and left it on the carpet - they put a huge gouge in the hardwood floor and when it was brought to Bert's attention his response was "these things happen". He could have cared less I feel that this job was too small for him and he sent his "B" team to do it. Bert does not like any sort of criticism and when confronted with these problems his response was "just get someone else to do it and send me the bill" and he hung up. Of course we did not send him the bill, he had no intention of paying it anyway. The rest of our kitchen reno went off without a hitch and it now looks beautiful. All of the other contractors were fantastic to work with and we had no problems at all with them. We aren't terribly picky or critical and are pretty easy going people but we were spending a lot of money to renovate our kitchen and wanted it to look good. I don't think that's too much to ask for. We consulted with a number of different people/contractors who ALL agreed with us that it was terrible workmanship and never should have been left the way it was. Yes, this review is being written about 9 months after we had the work done but Bert was never going to return to make things right anyway. I supposed if you have a large job requiring the removal of a load bearing wall that may be fine, but I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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Company Response

In response to your review on our company. I am sorry you are not happy with the renovation that was competed for you. Regarding your damaged floor. At our first visit I explained removal of your wall could possibly do damage to your floors. You are correct in that the ceiling is not level. as you are aware your home was built a long time ago and has plaster ceiling. You instructed us to remove the kitchen cabinet bulkhead and fill the spots with drywall and make it smooth. We had a professional drywall company do this part of the project. due to the improper installation of the plaster ceiling we where not able to make the completely smooth.
we did the best we could under your instructions. When we installed the bulkhead on the wall that was removed you wanted a drop of 6 inches. After the kitchen cabinet installer did his final measure he needed the bulkhead raised by 1 inch. Which we did at no cost to you. You mentioned that you told our team we left a mess and that we totally ignored you. If you remember you where never home or avalible during the entire renovation . There was never anyone home. we left your home I a clean manner after very work day.