We ordered this service for a vacant house that kept on being broken in to by kids in the area and was being vandalized. We told them that the house has no telephone or internet on site. They kept on telling me that it is okay their system has built in gsm and it works with out internet. We ordered it and brought the system home the next day from their office to install and sure enough it needs to be plugged into a router i called the customer service and after 2 days of going back and forth with their management they said they made a mistake and that service cost $100 more i have to pay and i refused and told them i will bring the system back for my money. This morning when i went to the house to get the system to return only to find the house got broken in to and they took the box with all the security equipment. I called the customer service again and told them you made me wait 2 days to tell me its your fault and i still have to pay $100 and now my money for the equipment is gone because of the breakin last night and they had no comment. I will never go back to them and never recommend them to anyone for their worst customer service

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