I hired Tron because five of my outlets stopped working. They fixed the outlets by putting them on a different circuit. This circuit was tied to a master light switch near my front door. They knew about the switch but did this quick fix anyway, so now my smart TV, router, cable box are all reset whenever I leave the house. On top of that, while they were testing the fuses, another outlet blew out. They promised to get back to me but ultimately blew me off and I paid another electrician to fix both of the new problems, tripling the total cost.

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Company Response

Hi Greg,

Sorry to hear you were disappointed in the service you received, however I would like to address the complaints you have made against us.

The technician was not made aware about the master switch at any time. We were made aware of this after the fact, and called and offered to rectify the situation, but you also wanted us to repair a faulty outdoor outlet at no charge, which we did not go anywhere near during our visit. If you wanted us to repair the original problem we were willing to do so, however we do not think it's fair to add additional repairs at no charge to the scope.

It's unfortunate it had to end up like this, but we only think it's fair that people hear both sides of the story.