We were delighted with the actual popcorn ceiling removal work and refinishing of the ceilings - all performed by Edwin. He was a very good and hard worker and a perfectionist - the ceilings look great. We were disappointed in the clean up process. It all culminated on the job being finished on a Saturday and it appeared that the clean up was done in hast over a few minutes when it should have been more carefully done. As a result the dust from the job was literally passed through the entire house despite plastic barriers in place. We ended up cleaning the house from top to bottom over the coming week. Had more time and patience been in place with removal of tarps (vs. a very rapid fling and grab of the tarps) I am sure that much less dust would have been flung around the house. We also had to make a trip to the dump and dispose of materials created by the job - we feel that all garbage from the job should have been removed as part of the job.

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