We recently moved to Ottawa, and the home that we purchased needed to have the shingles redone within the first year. We decided to look into permanent roofing options, and eventually settled on a Euroshield rubber roof, which offers a lifetime warranty and seemed like a good fit for our property. Ottawa Permanent Roofing is one of the few companies in eastern Ontario that is certified to install Euroshield roofing products with the manufacturer's warranty, and we were lucky enough to be able to have Anthony and his team work with us on our roofing project. In our case, snow came earlier than expected in the fall, and we ended up having to wait for warmer weather to come to get the Euroshield roof installed. Ottawa Permanent Roofing followed up with us on a regular basis during this time, and even sent crews over on several occasions when the temperatures got higher to remove excess snow from the roof, in the hope that they might be able to finish the installation once the underlying ice had melted. Luckily for us, a stretch of warmer weather in the early spring provided enough of a window for a crew to come and complete the installation, completely removing the old shingles and installing the permanent roof in a day and a half. The new roof looks great, qualifies for the manufacturer's life-time warranty on the product because of the certified installation, and the workers were fast and professional. A great product and excellent installation -- we would gladly recommend the Euroshield roof and Ottawa Permanent Roofing to others.

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We recently moved to Ottawa and bought our first home, which included an older central vacuum system. When we managed to test it with a new set of attachments, we found there was only limited suction, and it seemed like we might have to break down and buy a stand-alone vacuum cleaner. Luckily for us, we were referred by another contractor to The Vacuum Guy, who offered to come and take a look at our system. He arrived on time, and within 15 minutes of showing up, had managed to inspect the canister and confirm that everything there was working just fine, find the source of the problems with suction (gaps in some of the existing tubing), and have everything fixed and back in perfect working order. He was even able to add an extra vacuum outlet for us in an area of the house where there wasn't one before, which makes a huge difference for overall convenience. Within an hour, all of the work was done and cleaned up, and we had a working central vac system that we could use throughout our entire house. The Vacuum Guy was quick, polite, and incredibly helpful -- highly recommended!

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