DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. They are brutal, they have now added 30% charge to the service they provided and charged for called Overseeding ($275 in addition to the annual service fee) with is basically a person throwing seeds all over your lawn with no apparent methodology, onto your walkways and into your flower beds, and then following up with pell mell handfuls of what they call top dresser. My neighbours watched and laughed that I was actually charged so much for something a 8 yr old could do. I asked the guys performing this seeding disaster if they had any training and why they are throwing seeds on pavement, and they muttered something ( I do not know if they spoke English). I complained to them and followed up with a call and then several emails indicating that I would not pay for this service. Last year I paid and then followed all the guidelines, including 20 mins of watering every day for all areas of the yard, which cost $250 additional water expenses with NO grass growing either year, so this year I didn't pay. I got an independent assessment of the grass in the back and another landscape company told me that there was no discernible grass and they would not take on the job because I would be wasting my money. Yes, an honest answer, one that you do not get from Nutri-Lawn. Now they have added 30% to the overseeding bill and sent it to a Credit collection agency, put a lien on my house and affected my credit record. To repeat, their service was really not worth a penny and now I'm being dragged through this process, despite having repeatedly told them that I was not satisfied with the service. SAVE YOUR MONEY and aggravation. Stay away from this company

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The response to my quote request was within 3 minutes. The quote was completed within 48 hrs and painting was done within 1 wk of requesting the quote. These are the positives. However, the quantity of paint was twice the volume actually used ( they did buy the additional paint back from me ) the exterior paint for the door was defined as matte, whereas 2 paint professionals told me this was wrong, WoW insisted that the finish be matte. Well now the smudging marks are very visible and this is the reason other professionals told me to buy a low sheen. As well, none of the previous screw holes or indents from my previous screen door was corrected before painting. As well, the bottom weather stripping was to be removed, paint the area and replace it. Instead he painted right over it. When he left, he said that the door could be closed. I did and the edges peeled off the moment I opened it. I'll need to repaint the door in the spring - waste of money

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Company Response

Hi Nasus17rr,
Thank you for your feedback. The description of this project does not match any of our records. Can you please email us at to ensure that this review is for the right location. This does not sound like the service we offer, so we definitely want to make the experience right for you. Thanks again.