We bough our house in Chestermere back in October 2016. We've been living here for now more than 6 months. Our house was almost done when we decided to purchase it, therefore I can't talk about the experience of building it. What I can talk about is the sell process and the service after purchase. As a quick note, this is our 3rd property. This would be our second NEW property, first one with a different builder. PURCHASING PROCESS The purchasing process was great. We were between a house in Mahogany with a different builder and Chestermere with Sterling. I have to say that you can immediately identify a company that is looking to work WITH you, and Sterling is definitely one of them. We made our offer and they were willing to work with us; Sterling went on the extra mile to make us happy. Shawn was our sales rep (he moved now to a different area) and he was great! He should get a raise soon :) - He made us feel like a valued customer instead of just another sell. My wife is a Realtor and I'm a sales manager, so we know when the seller is just looking for someone to sell without any other interest; Shawn was different. Even before taking possession of the house, we noted a couple of things we wanted (extra to the normal delivery of the house) and, although the house was at 99% ready state, they were able to make the changes to make this our dream house. Purchasing process: 10/10 SERVICE AFTERWARDS Our first home was 3 years ago with a different builder and, based on that experience, Sterling is EXTREMELY GOOD. We understand no house is perfect after being finished. The difference is the after service and Sterling has excel on this. They are super attentive and responsive. Tricia and Brent are great but also the rest of the employees and the subcontractors. You can immediately see the quality of the product and installation they made. A good example is the kitchen sink installation. With our first property (different builder) we had an issue with it; it was glued at the bottom and that's it. Of course after the warranty was over, the sink felt down and we had to pay for someone to fix it. Sterling, on the other hand, the sink is properly installed with wood supporting it. I don't see it falling like the other one in any time soon. Anything, for minor it is and during the first year of service, they've been extremely fast in responding. They even change the light bulbs for you for the first year!!!! Things they have supported: 1. Water heater failed during Christmas time - Response: 1 day (great!!!) 2. Needed extra paint for outside touch ups (after I installed a dog door) - 1 day 3. Garage door bouncing back after being closed - 1 day 4. Minor repairs - between 1 and 2 days including subs. I have a lot of good things to say about this builder. We love them. I would definitely recommend them, hands down! Tricia, Brent, Shawn and all Sterling employees and subs, thanks for the great service you've given us!!! If you want to reach me personally for any question on this builder in Chestermere, please reach me on my email:

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