I used Elite for the construction of 2 new bathrooms in my new home. The company did a fabulous job on this renovation from start to finish. - the company was very professional during the design phase and made it very clear what was involved in the project - the project started and ended on time - and more or less on budget (any cost overruns were explained and relatively minor - and could not have really been foreseen at the design stage. I would recommend that anyone has a bit of a contingency budget for these type of things). - I lived in my house throughout the renovation, and therefore saw first hand a lot of the work taking place. And one of the best things about Elite Construction is the people who work for the company - either directly or as contractors. They were incredibly professional, and very friendly and helpful - Most importantly, my family and I love the end result. We have 2 new bathrooms that are exactly how we had imagined them on the drawing board. Overall I would definitely recommend Elite Construction for any medium to large renovation.

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Thanks so much Frank for the nice review. Happy to help! Best, Elite Construction and Renovations