If your looking for a proper home inspection "Classic Home Inspection Inc." is the company for you. Remember you get what you pay for!! Awsome job by Brent, I highly recommend his company for any property inspections. If you would like to here of my experience you can email me at Thanks for an awsome job Brent. Dino

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Company Response

Wow, I should be hiring you as my marketing manager Dino. Thank you for the feedback. I always encourage a person to call around when shopping for a home inspector. However, a person should really be asking these questions, 1) The credentials, 2) are they full time, 3) what do they offer in terms of a report. Cheaper home inspectors are not legit, they do &quotwalk throughs&quot, give a simple checklist, and are more interested in getting their money and getting back home then giving a proper home inspection. Classic Home Inspections DO NOT consider these companies competition. Thank you Dino for choosing Classic Home Inspections. We're glad you're happy with the inspection.