We hired Accustar to remove the asbestos lined duct work from our home. These are just a few of the photos I took after the Accustar employee said they were all done. You be the judge if you feel this was responsible handling of a toxic substance and if this is the type of work you want done in your home. You may wonder if we got a good "deal"? No, we got 3 quotes from several companies and they were all within a small margin of difference. Accustar was in the middle in terms of cost. We paid half the work up front as required, and we haven't paid the rest nor has Accustar demanded this. We lost all trust in them and hired another company to finish the abatement. I am furious that my young children and wife were exposed to this mess. Unfortunately, this industry isn't regulated in the way you would expect. Third parties offer certification training, but there is no license to practice - meaning no licensing board to report bad work to and no serious penalties or accountability for bad work. After several communications and months of waiting for this company to make this right by taking ownership of the additional expenses we incurred, we still haven't received any kind of intent from them. Emails go unanswered and we play the escalation game. I hope others find this helpful.

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We hired another company we found on Homestars to remove the asbestos lined duct work from our home. The first contractor did such a poor, irresponsible job that I had to quickly find another company to fix and properly finish the work the first company started. In the meantime, I refused to have my family in the house based on what I felt was unsafe conditions. So I needed to get things straightened out right away so we could move back into our house. I called Manny at Green Stream and explained the situation. He came the same day and was shocked at the quality of work the first contractor did. He knew we were out of our home until this got fixed, so he agreed to reschedule work to get his crew in our house the next day. They did an awesome job including wiping down and locking down all affected surfaces, removing asbestos that the other contractor left behind, cleaning up all the scary debris from the first contractor and even taking apart and cleaning the duct work that got filled with debris that the first contractor left behind. They didn't leave a spec of dust behind. I am very grateful to this company for helping us on such short notice and doing a first class job. I only wish we had them do the original work to avoid all the stress and headache this has caused. You may be wondering if I got a "deal" with the first company - no, Green Stream was the same price. As for the first company - they haven't taken responsibility for their poor work, so we now need to go to court - the pain of dealing with a bad contractor lingers.

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