First off, my husband and I are sterling home owners...and also having a Sterling home being built beside our house. The sales team, warranty, and contractors have been absolutely wonderful through the process of buying our SPEC home December 2015. Our issue however is with the construction side of things. Since Sterling has broken ground next door only two weeks ago we have had nothing but issues. First off, our lot had 4 feel of property away from the foundation, as well as the lot beside us having a four foot buffer space. We came home to a pamphlet on our door giving us the heads up that construction was beginning in the next couple of days and "sterling would respect our property". We thought this was a very proactive approach and appreciated it. However two days later my husband and I came home from work to find the four feet from our front door all the way along the side of our house down our backyard completely dug away. The landscaping we had completed in the front of the yard beginning to fall down into their construction site. We were never spoken to to get consent to not only enter our property but completely dig it away. After conversations with the site manager (whom I had to call), they agreed that yes, if we had a fence up, they wouldn't have touched over the property line. However not seeing a fence and only seeing top soil (which my husband and I paid to top up as well as plant bulbs in) they decided it was easier to dig away without respecting and staying off our property. 25 minutes later, all we are told is they would fix it in the spring. The following day we came home to now the construction fence completely overtop of our front yard garden landscaping including plants, with absolutely no phone call or door knock to ask for consent after the 25 minute conversation the previous day stating our lack of consent to disrupt our yard. We are beyond frustrated with the lack of respect of property lines and communication. I would no long EVER buy from a company that does not respect the properties around their building sites, lack of communication asking for permission to enter and disturb property, disrespect communication after multiple communications from one of their own customers.

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