We inquired about an OXXO 15'x7' oversized patio door to be installed on a detached gym at our clients home. We were lead to believe these doors would be suitable for the Calgary climate and would pass the required NAFS specs to receive a permit in the city of calgary. We made a deposit and ordered the doors based on these reassurances. We were told it would be 8 weeks to get the doors delivered. We jumped on getting the doors into production and paid a $3300 deposit. After many trips to the city of Calgary permit office, many discussions with senior staff- these doors came nowhere near passing the required NAFS specifications for installing windows/doors in the city of Calgary. After much argument and discussion with Lumon (they continued to maintain these doors do meet the requirements) we were forced to cancel the order as we could not install them, nor would we ever be able to use these on a home or detached gym or any heated space.... We didn't feel we would or should have any issue getting our deposit back after 10 days and being mislead by Andrew the Calgary sales rep that they would pass. We were told the windows were finished/ complete and we couldn't get our money back because production was near complete (which infuriated me given they had been claiming it takes 8 weeks to get them). We persisted and talked to several people within the Lumon organization about the situation. We loved the doors, but we only purchased them under there assurances that these would pass and be appropriate for the heated gym. After much fight, we received $1600 (half the deposit) back. To this day (5 months later), they have still not refunded us the remainder and have not returned our calls. I wouldn't recommend doing business with Lumon. The doors are certainly nice, but there are many other reputable companies out there that you can trust to do the right thing for the client. The city of Calgary has mentioned that there are some rules around a business selling products to consumers and these products must comply with the codes, otherwise a consumer cannot technically be on the hook IF the product does not comply. Obviously, we are actively pursuing this angle and if the city can help us get our $ back!

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