We had LTL come by in Oct 2018 to install new sod, river rock bed and some plants. They ensured that sod will be leveled with the interlock and graded away from home. So where do I start....after stressing my concerns that the sod was poorly installed (gaps between pieces of sod & higher than interlock), they said the gaps will disappear and grass will level after winter. I’m not a professional landscaper but I’m told by others that have had new sod installed that this job was not done properly. So we continued to follow the post-install instructions and waited for winter to pass. After the snow had melted and it was time for early spring fertilizing I knew that what they ensured us will not happen. Gaps between sod got worst and entire lawn had yellow/brown bald spots. We had grass there previously and I’ve had my fair share of maintaining it so it’s not my first rodeo, but when we sent them pics of the effected areas they told me to buy EZ Seed to fix it. I understand that lawns need maintenance over time but really??? I’ve attached photos below. On grass that was just installed I find that hard to believe that it came down to the owners “poor” maintenance or winter damage. Even after mowing and EZ seeding bald areas the grass still isn’t worth looking at. Yellow and brown in some areas and green in others. Btw...I’m mowing the lawn at the second highest setting and clearly the grass isn’t leveled properly. Also older plants that were there are coming out under the newly laid sod. So clearly the dirt wasn’t prepped prior to install. After giving the grass more grass food, fertilizer, Lawn Rescue 911, EZ Seed, we let a few more weeks go by. No real improvements to say the least. I sent a message to LTL, and got back a generic reply that I found very condescending (attached below). I’m sure this is a reply that has been cut and pasted to a few clients already. Amongst other things, like high markups on plants and river rock, and less then helpful response I would strongly NOT recommend these guys to anyone. But if you want a lawn like the ones in the pics below, feel free and call them. To LTL: please don’t reply back to this review, like you’ve done with previous ones saying that you were disappointed to read it. You should be disappointed with the poor work you guys charge people for.

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My wife and I were shopping around for some decently priced and positively reviewed insulation companies. I came across George's company and liked what i heard. He explained everything thoroughly and was able to fit us in with 2-3 days notice. It was a small job (ceiling of our garage, that got super cold during the winter months from poor insulation). We already removed all the insulation in the ceiling so our kitchen floor, which was directly above, was pretty cold in the mornings, so we need this done fast, so my wife and I were very happy they could get it done sooner rather than later. The quoted price was pretty comparable with other companies, for this size of job, but i'd have to say the service was top notch. One of his team arrived on the day and did a quick walkthrough. Explained that they are using Green products, which we approved of, and also filled in another spot on the outside of the garage that also needed insulation. Also wanted to mention that we had some boxes in the garage, against the wall and covered with plastic, that he had no problem working around. Other companies insisted that everything be removed from the garage, even though i explained that it was out of the way. George and his crew were very careful and did their job without complaints. My family and i left for the day and came back later on to find the place clean up nicely. I had a small concern about 1 spot that needed a bit more insulation. I messaged George and he responded very quickly and made arrangements to come back the following day. He inspected the spot and had no problem spraying a bit more to make sure i was satisfied. We really appreciated the fact that he was very responsive and willing to make sure the job was done beyond expectations. I would highly recommend George and his team.

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Thank you Raphael