I met John through an advertisement that my own business sent out locally. I was invited into their home to give an estimate for some new flooring. John and his wife were very prepared with the questions that they had and expressed exactly how they wanted their new flooring to perform. With my recomendations we picked out the right color and had the installation took place within two weeks. If was after the installation that John had mentioned his business to me. We talked about how things have changed from the good old days. Most business' take the quick approach to getting the sale, taking the money and to heck with the future. There will always be another customer to come along. It was refreshing to see that this is not the way that John does business. He stays in contact with his clients and even gave me a follow up phone call about 2 months after the installation of my new system was installed. I made the mistake of discarding the code that is needed to change the combination of my lock. At great length John went on to the internet, then got in contact with the manufacturer. It is this kind of service that is not part of the original agreement that an excellent company offers. I have had my lock for over two years and all of a sudden a red light appears when in use. Not having the manual, I wasn't sure what the problem might be. I called John and withing 12 hours he dropped by and changed the battery for me. It is this kind of caring and service that I think most people would like to see more of. Rest assured when dealing with Abbeylock services, it is more than just a one time deal.

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