Lido pools built my swimming pool 7 years ago. I just recently discoverd a leak. I called Josh and he sent a crew shortly after . They discovered that it was caused by a gasket that had deteriorated throughout the years in the main drain. They drained the pool and replaced the gasket and also reset the liner. After fillig the pool the problem was gone. It was late fall so I asked him to close the pool also so they witerized it for the season. A month later he came to collect payment and to my surprise he only charged me for the closing. He warranteed something that I figured was not under warrantee anymore. Needless to say I was very happy. This guy stands behind his work and is proud of it, even after 7 years, that's good customer service. I would recommend Lido Pools to anyone for their professional and caring service. TB Woodbridge, Ontario

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