I hired Aim Cedar to build a modern smooth fence to match my existing fence, creating a facade to cover my neighbours wall. I asked Jim to match the existing fence and showed him a magazine photo of a similar fence as an example of what I was looking for in a finished product. When the installer arrived I also showed him the front fence and said this is what we are matching. Once the fence was built I was surprised to see the wood was extremely textured. I asked Jim about the quality of the cedar as it was very rough and a number of boards were warped. He confirmed it was the same as my front fence. I paid for it accepting that I must have just gotten a bad batch of lumber. A few weeks later I was removing the clear stain from my front fence and realized there is a rough and smooth side to the cedar boards. I inspected the Aim fence and saw they installed the smooth side facing my neighbours wall. I immediately called Jim to make him aware that the fencing should have been installed with the smooth side facing out. I was told we always put the rough side forward. I reminded him that Aim was supposed to match my existing fence with the smooth side facing my view of it and received no constructive response. After repeated emails asking Jim and Aim what we could do to resolve this problem, I have received no calls from anyone at Aim, or an offer of how we might resolve this significant design flaw. I was completely disappointed with my experience with Aim Cedar. If you care about quality, customer service, a company that cares and has an eye for detail with their craftsmanship and lumber I suggest you hire someone else.

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I had gotten three quotes for my driveway replacement. Luis quoted me fairly which doesn't always happen being a woman. The crew showed up on time and efficiently finished removing and replacing my asphalt driveway in just a few hours. It looks great and I would definitely recommend him and his guys. Job well done!

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