Just got my couch & lazy boy done before Christmas. That service was amazing, did a great job, 7 yr old pieces looked like new almost. Now have them in my contacts.

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Company promised to deliver granite cut out for sink on installation day. Not done. Said they would send a driver the next day. Not done. Promised to deliver the following Saturday, stayed home all day, no delivery no call. Call on Monday stating there was a problem and promised to deliver today, Saturday. I had offered to go and get it myself last week but said I would give them another chance. Company called today and said they didn't know when they would be able to deliver it. Still waiting for that piece of granite. Draw your own conclusions. If I ever get that piece... I'll post again. Finally.. they delivered 2 pieces of marble, which they polished even.. ready to glue rubber legs on them for a cutting board! It is unfortunate that I had to "perster" them until I got what was promised.

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The only electrical contractor used was very nice. He changed a fusebox to a one with breakers. The price was very decent but when the inspector came, he told the electrician the box could have been retrofitted and not necessary to replace the whole box. Being in a condo, it was not necessary for the electrician to connect a ground wire because the building was already ground. Not a bad thing but now, that ground wire is sticking out above the baseboard by about 2 inches. To cover it, will require a wider baseboard. I've asked a non HSC electrician to come and remove it. I will not ask that person to do anything else. I plumber who came over was taking pictures to email his boss because his boss was better at estimates. He was also going to put a bracket on the wall to connect my washer hoses to the taps. He was surprised when I asked him to put those pipes "in the wall". I asked him how long he had been doing this and he replied "quite a while". He never called back anyway! Another never showed up and when contacted again said he would never have made an appointment on that day because he had something to do but it was "ok to blame him if I wanted to". Yet another missed work day! Remember, once you cancel your membership, any guarantee you had is null and void. For tiles, they guarantee for 30 days only. Use at your own risk. The people doing the work now were taken from the Mike Holmes contractor list... on the expensive side.. but they "Make It Right!"

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