Have used Shay multiple times for a variety of appliances. Always comes within a day and provides honest and quality service. Have recommended a number of times and will continue to do so.

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Have issue with gas range. Told him it was displaying a specific code. Came to the house and really did not seem to know what to do. Said I needed to replace control panel and touch pad at $1000 and he would not guarantee it would fix it. Called many other spots and they said they would replace panel first and then see whereas Mike said he would only do both. Was also rude and not friendly at all. Do not use him, waste of money.

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About 4 years back we put a pool in with only partial landscaping. We planned to do more after a few years. Based on some recommendations from neighbours we called Kingscape. After dealing with many contractors over the years with our pool it was refreshing to work with someone like Mike who provided my wife and I tons of ideas of what could be done with our backyard/frontyard. We get compliments from people who come over all the time about the design and workmanship. When we compare it to our previous landscapers there really is no comparison. Kingscape did a fantastic job. They also completed the job very efficiently, sending a whole crew to get the job done quickly rather than having it drag on. Would recommend Mike, Justin and the crew in a heartbeat.

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I had used Forest in the past and was quite satisfied. They were quite prompt and professional. They started by building a deck for me and although there was a small misunderstanding of what I wanted they admitted their mistake and made up for it with some credits. I then had a Cabana built. We had a few issues that took quite some time to get resolved. We also were looking for folding windows which they could not deliver on and so we went to a 3rd party. We did have issues with the 3rd party and they did not finish the job by installing trim around the windows. Forest during one of our meetings offered to do the trim at no cost because of the work we had already done with them and while they completed some of the repairs. This is where we had issues. After chasing them for almost a year they finally repaired the issues but then pulled back on their offer to add the trim. Although I understand they were doing it as a courtesy (I did not ask for it) I am very disappointed that I had to chase them for a year then learn that they now decided they couldn't/wouldn't do it. Quality is pretty good, pricing is fair but extremely disappointed they did not keep their word.

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