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We bought Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring "Dynamic XL" manufactured by Fuzion Flooring from Flooring Liquidators (Yorkdale) store 3 month ago, invoice #2989. We paid $3,677.89 for the flooring, and waited about a month to get this flooring delivered. We have started to have an issues with the flooring shortly after we started to install the flooring. Since that time we are trying to get help and advice in regard to the issues thom both companies (the Manufacturer and the Seller) with no result! We were shopping around a lot of time, we wanted to buy really durable and waterproof floor for our condo. My wife has a health issue and we were really looking to get durable floor, scratch resistant, so we could get a support dog and don't worry the dog would scratch the floor, or the walker can scratch it. We were really impressed from sales person Gary from Flooring Liquidators, he seems very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. We like how the Dynamix XL vinyl looks, the colour and that it is should be very durable, waterproof and scratch resistant. It is also supposed to have 25 years guaranty and the company office is in GTA, so we were assured that if we will have some issues we always can be in touch with the company and will have a good customer service. Also, the sales person told us it is very easy to install, we don't need any special tools (just scoring knife), the clicking system is great and etc. At the real life, it is really impossible to cut it with scoring knife, we found that we need to buy special cutter to cut it and special saw. The clicking system works with troubles. Now, after just a month after the installation, all the floor is scratched (all out furniture have felt underpads, but it is scratches so easily you can't imagine!), we don't have dog yet, and my wife doesn't use walker now, but the floor is already in very bad condition, the planks have a lot of gaps (so it is already not waterproof at all), We contacted Flooring Liquidator and Fuzion Flooring many times by emails and calls. Fuzion tells us to contact Flooring Liquidators, and Flooring Liquidators tells to contact Fuzion, and we feel that nobody really care to provide service and answers. We would like to have the cost of removal of this flooring to be reimbursed and all our money which we paid to have back as soon as possible. Fuzion and Flooring Liquidators ruined our renovation with this floor! Very disappointed with quality and customer service and all the trouble we have.

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