Stay away from GTA Dump. I was quoted $180.00 for the 14 yard feet bin, and $80.00/ton. Note that this is a US ton where 2000 pounds = 1 ton. I had to confirm this, since some other companies use the metric tonne. They took my credit card number, and security code over the phone and charged $500.00 for the deposit. This was already sketchy, since reputable companies don't do this anymore. They did not tell you up front how much the deposit was. Credit card statement shows the charges coming from another company (not GTA Dump), red flags already since it doesn't match the company name GTA Dump or their phone number on the website. If you are desperate and must use GTA Dump, ask them if they measure the weight of the junk only or junk plus the bin. There is no measurement done when they pick up the bin, so you don't actually know how much weight they are charging for. They could easily fill up more junk in your bin and charge more, or if they need to make a profit, take the weight of the bin plus the junk. By the way, their bins are Orange, not lime green as shown on their website. They dropped off the bin and picked it up on time, but that was it. No invoice was given, so I called back to see when they would be sending me the invoice. A woman called me back and took my email address and said the invoice will be ready in0 two week and will be sent to my email. They said they will also let me know if it is a refund if the weight is under $500. With that size bin, it was probably around 2 tons, so I was expecting the cost to be under $400 and get back about $100 form the deposit. It's been 3 weeks and no invoice and no refund. Left several voice messages and no call backs. I basically loss about $100 and stressed out trying to reach out to GTA Dumps. Please avoid this company, as there are plenty of other dump bin services. The competitive prices blinded my judgement and should have just went with another company - Up front costs and known in advanced and paid in advanced. No surprises either and invoice goes straight to my email. No need to give credit card number or security code either. Unacceptable business practices, ignoring customers, misleading communications, and not providing an invoice upon paying for the service leads me to rate this company very poorly. Please heed other's advice and get another dump bin service provider. GTA Dump is not to be trusted!

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