My units were installed fine last year and I was happy but This year my AC wasn't working. I called their company and Christine told me the reason is Peak saver Thermostat. NONE SENSE! I changed it and called again and this time Christine told me my filter is dirty.I told her I changed my filter 2 moth ago but she insisted it is your filter. She insisted do not my 3M filter since it is dense and catch the cold!! Can you believe it? I changed the filter and called again and she said my technician can come next SAT from 9 to 5.I asked if she could give me a shorter time or at least the technician call me before arrival but she refused. I waited 1 week and Sat morning I called to confirm because I didn't trust these guys anymore. She changed the hours to 3-8 pm!!! I was waiting for them and my wife had received a call with a broken sound.I called the number back and technician told me you didn't answer so we need to reschedule you for tomorrow. I couldn't believe what i am hearing. I let you know about the end of story but these people may be are good in installation but they suck in afterward services

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