Let me first say that I live approximately 15 kms away from the Innisfail Co-op and 15 kms from Red Deer so I only shop at the Co-op on occasion. Now, my mother lives in Innisfail and frequents her local store often. Yesterday my mother and I went to the Innsfail garden centre and purchased a few perennials and annuals and went back to my house to plant them, we were very happy with them. So happy that we drove back to Innsfail to purchase more. Ther was a specific plant we wanted to buy more of. To our surprise the employee that was helping us said they had all sold. She informed us that her manager had some put aside for herself and she wouldn't sell them to us. Are you kidding me? What kind of business allows the staff to purchase stock (at a discount I'm sure) before selling items at full price to the customer? I was not a happy customer to say the least! So I had to drive back to Penhold and then into Red Deer to find what I wanted for my flower beds. After going to three nurseries and $150 later I returned home, still frustrated about the service at Innisfail and vowing not to return to that garden centre. My mother will definitely be telling everyone she knows about our extremely disappointing experience, and I have no respect for your management and the way your business is conducted.

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