It was a pleasure working with Varsha and her team of workers. There was some hidden damage to the garbage bins and they were replaced as soon as the problem was brought to Varshas' attention. The workers did a very nice job cleaning up after themselves. Everything was scheduled in a timely manner - the guys came in and installed all the cabinets and counter tops etc. one day and the next day the tiler was in doing the backsplash. They were there when they said they would be - no waiting around. Would highly recommend them.

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Thank you so much for a positive review JoAnnand and Doug, Make customer Happy that is my GOAL


QUICK - RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN - THEY DON'T STAND BY THEIR LIFETIME GUARANTEES AND IGNORE YOU WHEN YOU CALL. I had all my windows replaced by First Choice in 2001 and started having problems and calling them in 2011 - they never called back and wouldn't talk to me. In 2014 I went to BBB about them - they are not members, however, BBB did talk to them and try and resolve the situation - they wouldn't co-operate with them either. In 2015 I had the window that was defective replaced by another company and now this year they call to try and resolve the issue and get their name cleared with BBB. They phoned me and I told them I had the window replaced and if they wanted to resolve the issue they should make some type of payment towards the new window. They ended up telling BBB that I broke the window and was trying to get money from them. They also told BBB that the problem was not covered under warranty even though they had never come out and inspected the window. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER - RUN - DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THEM.

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