I picked them because of their good reviews on HomeStars. Everything looked good at first. My job was a replacement of the power system (motor, chain etc) The technician, Mike, arrived on time (even a few minutes early) and finished when promised. Then he walked me through the differences from my old system. Later, I found that he left the garbage (packing materials) in the garage, which he really should have taken away. STILL, that would not have caused any concern. When I found out that the new system could be WiFi controlled, I emailed the contractor asking how to disable this feature. Their reply from Grace totally missed the point, and she just explained how to CONNECT it to my WiFi. I responded that I wanted it DISABLED, not connected, but she misread again and again replied on how to connect. After the third request she repliEd "contact 1-800-528-5880 Liftmaster customer service line." apparently still not having actually read my query or not able to understand a simple question. So, field service OK - Office help on a question, NOT SO MUCH.

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Company Response

Hello FranMar, thank you for sharing your feedback here on homestars. We apologize if there had been any misunderstanding. Our technicians would always take the garbage with them especially old parts etc. Mike asked you if it's ok to leave the small box and packing slips because for safety reasons as these things tend to fly off the highway. You were ok with it. As for the wifi feature on your opener, as explained to you in detail, your opener has that feature however, if it is not enabled, it will not work. There are series of steps you have to do to connect your opener wifi to your home network. If you do not do these steps, it remains disabled. You wanted to completely remove the wifi feature on this opener which it was explained that it is not possible. It will have to be switched to a no wifi opener unit all together. Mike called you 2x to explain it to you over the phone and there was no answer both times. Swearing is something we do not tolerate, hence you were advised to call that number. Mike advised that you were so happy before he left. We're happy that you are satisfied with the installation of your opener. We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.